About Our Company


GrowLab Pharmaceuticals is a leading biopharmaceutical company that manufactures cGMP compliant phytocannabinoids derived therapeutic formulations from its proprietary DNA-specific medical cannabis strains. Two of our strains, namely; Comacadine® and Grolatine® have been scientifically researched and tested for safe use as alternative/biopharmaceutical medicines by people who suffer from diseases such as: Diabetes; Cancer; Sickle Cell Disease; Epilepsy; Chronic Pain; Glaucoma; PTSD; Depression; Schizophrenia; HIV/AIDS; Ulcerative Colitis.


GrowLab Pharmaceuticals holds a Prohibited Drug Operator License, through a wholly owned subsidiary company called Graft (Pty) Limited, granted by the Ministry of Health in Lesotho under Section 12 of the Drugs of Abuse Act of 2008 (Medicinal Cannabis License).

Approved activities under the license include: Cultivation; Manufacturing; Supply; Holding; Import, Export and Transit within, into and out of Lesotho for medicinal purposes and or scientific use and any other lawful use.

GrowLab Pharmaceuticals' Medicinal Cannabis license is granted for 10 years renewable for every 12 months and the initial permitted area (phase 1) to operate on is 30,000m2 (3 hectares/7.4 acres) with allowance to expand production after the implementation of phase 1 by applying for grower license.

Vision & Values

At Growlab Pharmaceuticals, we have a clear and ambitious goal to improve the quality of life of patients.

Our mission is to create new and innovative treatment options with products of the highest quality to provide patients with the best possible care – now and in the future.

In order to achieve this, we think ahead and are farsighted at all times. Integrity, safety and quality are the guiding principles that every Growlab employee strongly identifies with.